The Van

Kumu is a 1984 Volkswagon Vanagon. We recently acquired her from a neighbor who was sad to part with her, but excited to know that she has not seen the last of adventure. There are still some small jobs to do in order to make her long roadtrip worthy, but already we have included her into our troupe as one of our own.
The name Kumu came to us when a friend of ours brought us back a dashboard hula girl for the front of our van. There was a short history on the box which included the word Kumu explaining that it meant 'teacher'. We immediately agreed that it was a great name, both knowing that this van will teach us more than any classroom.

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  1. We have an 1981, same model and colour with 430,000 Kms (new motor 200).

    Here's a west coast video on Youtube that pretty much sums up the good vibe of owning a Vanagon.
    Unfortunately ours isn't 4WD, but it's still a sweet ride.

    Sure hope we can meet up in the future.
    Keep safe...and keep the pics coming!